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Thinking about selling your property? Use my tips to kickstart the process!

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

There are many factors that can impact how quickly you'll be able to find a buyer. I use a long checklist for my own clients but want to share my top three tips on how to find a buyer as quickly as possible. Check them out to see if you are on the right path!

Tip #1: De-Clutter De-Clutter De-Clutter!

This is something we call Home Staging. It helps potential buyers be able to envision their own new lives in your home, which leads to a faster sale. This doesn't mean to get rid of everything you own! It simply means to try to remove or put away anything that distracts the potential buyer from seeing what they would be getting if they buy.

Tip #2: Check your roof!

I find that many home owners neglect their roof until it is time to sell. If the roof isn't in good condition, it can slow down the purchasing process or even turn away a buyer completely. Check out your local roofers and request an inspection of your current roof condition. If the roof doesn't need any work, make sure you advertise that! It is a deciding factor for many cautious buyers. And if you do need to do some maintenance, you have given yourself time to complete those repairs before placing your property on the market, increasing your chances of finding a buyer FAST. If you want some references in the Northern Virginia area don't be shy and send me an email!

Tip #3: Hire a selling agent!

Selling any type of property is a complicated process, which is why people like me have studied the process and have gotten certification proving we know our stuff. As a seller there will still be work for you to do, such as following the tips previously mentioned. But when hiring a selling agent you allow someone with expertise to properly sell your home. Not only will you be free of the tedious work, you will also find a buyer much faster since you are incorporating the agents tools and resources. Ready to sell? Contact me to get started right away, I'll find you a buyer!

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