• Camila Santander

Best Month to Sell Your House?

As a seller, walking away from your property soon after listing and at top dollar is the goal & there are certain tricks and tips that improve your chances at doing just that. One of the tricks that I like to tell my clients is to start selling in March.

Why March? According to national data, the houses listed between March and April sell the fastest. Ready-to-buy clients are itching to see what is on the market before the summer rush. These buyers are ready to move forward and will be more likely to go ahead with closing with less back & forth. So make sure to prep your property during the winter months to sell like hotcakes in the spring.

To increase your chances of success more, I highly recommend reaching out to a licensed realtor like myself. As professionals in this industry, real estate agents know the ins-and-outs of the buying/selling game. With this knowledge, the agents are able to help the seller can walk away with more money in their pockets for less stress. Trust in the professionals and contact me today to sell your home faster.

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