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Alexandria City Newest Green Move!

Did you know that Alexandria City will now recycle glass?

The City of Alexandria has made many changes in efforts to be a more ecofriendly community. Its latest addition now includes recycling glass. The option has not been available up until this year thanks to the new 2019 WasteSmart Plan.

This new green initiative comes at a crucial time in which we are all trying to do our part to live in a more eco-friendly community. Alexandria City is planning on providing this new recycling opportunity to the residents by placing purple Glass-Only bins in all four recycling drop-off centers. These bins are only a part of the larger WasteSmart Plan which is a 20-year strategic plot that will work towards the city being able to sustainably recover resources.

The purple bins can be found in all four of Alexandria City recycling centers located at:

  • 3224 Colvin St., Alexandria, Virginia

  • S. Whiting St., Alexandria, Virginia

  • 4251 Eisenhower Ave., Alexandria, Virginia

  • Jones Point Park in Alexandria, Virginia

These changes make an excellent addition to our thriving city. It is now easier for Alexandria residents to recycle more of their waste with the new Glass-Only bins.

Congratulations to a greener Alexandria City!




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